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A nasty “nasty” email

THIS is the wording from one of the most powerful emails that we send. It’s the VERY LAST one we send for our clients to show that they really mean business. If debtors are going to respond, they WILL respond to this one. IMPORTANT: It only works as long as the debtor has been ‘softened’ up by earlier polite and professionally worded reminders. See the Three Principles.

Recovery of payment for the attached fee has now been handed to me.
Records show that
* The unpaid balance for this April invoice is $2,712.34.
* You have not been able to reply to any of our previous emails or to any text messages left for you.
We can now only assume that you have chosen to ignore this matter. That, of course, is quite unacceptable.
What now?
* This is the one and only email I will be sending you.
* You will also receive a final text message later today.
Allow me to be quite clear.
If this account is not settled in full or you have not contacted us by 2.00pm of Wednesday, 25 October,
it is our intention to start formal proceedings against you to recover payment. This will incur additional costs for which may also become liable if our case against you is successful. Judgement may also be noted on the public record which may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. I now leave the future course of this matter entirely in your hands.

Click on the image below to see the science behind the wording.

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