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This system collected TOO MUCH money …

BACKGROUND Orthodontic Practice. 8 branches. Most parents chose to pay monthly. They were sent a monthly coupon book. Of course, many parents forgot or overlooked their payments so Fiona (Receptionist at Head Office) had to chase up any late payers. There were many - every month. An onerous and unpleasant task. Many hours were spent [...]

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Get your iPhone to READ ANYTHING aloud to you

This is NOT one of our normal posts (it’s got NOTHING to do with account collections!) but there’s a little used function on the iPhone that lets you listen to anything displayed on your screen. An email, a website, a pdf document even an entire book (iBook, Kindle, etc) - ANYTHING on your screen. Enjoy. [...]

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Debtors Reduced by 72% – WITHOUT Phoning Anyone

I share this post NOT because it's the World's Best Collection Procedure but because it's ... 1     simple 2     easy for anyone to follow 3     easily 'tightened up' (by reducing the number of days between each action or removing some of the reminders) 4     requires NO phone calls to be made, but, most of all [...]

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What to say … ?

When phoning an INDIVIDUAL - for the very first time Apply the “Assumption of Innocence”. Don’t actually ask why the account hasn’t been paid at all. Assume it’s on the way, or, at the very least, that it’s been sent! Gwen Iveer - Good Morning. May I speak to Fred Jones please? Mr Jones - [...]

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What killed the cat?

You KNOW the answer. Curiosity. One of the definitions of curiosity (English/Oxford Dictionary) is “a strong desire to know or learn something”. These 6 short blog posts explain how to use this seldom-used aspect of human nature to get paid more promptly … How to use Curiosity to get a debt paid. - Using a [...]

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Collecting Accounts Using a Voice Memo.

A recorded voice memo attached to an email is almost ALWAYS opened by the recipient. In other words, if all other contact attempts (phone messages, emails, letters, text messages …) have failed to yield a response from the debtor, this one will probably work. It allows the “caller” (who should preferably be a senior person, [...]

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