Six Quick PRACTICAL Tips To Speed Up Payments

Just in time for Christmas!*TIP #1 - Text Messages If you've got a mobile phone, your debtor probably has one too. Send a text msg to them from a service like SMS-IT. It's sent from your email, goes to their phone and their reply comes back to your email. You can send the same message [...]

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I’ll call you tomorrow

If YOU had an overdue account you probably WOULDN'T want to talk to your creditor about it would you? So, a face-to-face discussion or phone call would be your least preferred options. From the Creditors point of view though, there are several ways to follow up an overdue account. The graph here looks at the [...]

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The Power Of Bullet Points In Reminders

When you * State The Facts, * Use Bullet Points and * Keep Your "Threat" Vague it makes your email or letter easier to read and is generally more successful in eliciting payments from or at least some sort of response from a debtor. We frequently use similar wording as in the email below as [...]

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Never Say Die … until you absolutely HAVE to.

Small unpaid account.  Long overdue.  You've emailed, written snail-mail letters, phoned and left messages to chase up payment.  All to no avail. Complete silence and lack of response.  What now? The two main options people normally take are ... 1:  Give it to a Debt Collector or Lawyer. But, if the debt IS a small [...]

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A nasty “nasty” email

THIS is the wording from one of the most powerful emails that we send. It's the VERY LAST one we send for our clients to show that they really mean business. If debtors are going to respond, they WILL respond to this one. IMPORTANT: It only works as long as the debtor has been 'softened' [...]

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This email collected $197,000!

* The debt was $197,000. * It was for three invoices. * The creditor is an accounting firm. * The debtor was a national, very large legal practice. * Trading terms are that payment becomes due fourteen (14) days from date of issue. * The Partner was initially reluctant to release the account for follow [...]

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Pay up or I’ll … ??

What can you do when you want a debtor to pay but you DON’T want to threaten legal action? Ever been there? If so, try this. Send a “no real threat” threat email. Threaten the “non-specific”.  Things like * consider other alternatives * have to submit a report to the Board * have to revert [...]

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This system collected TOO MUCH money …

BACKGROUND Orthodontic Practice. 8 branches. Most parents chose to pay monthly. They were sent a monthly coupon book. Of course, many parents forgot or overlooked their payments so Fiona (Receptionist at Head Office) had to chase up any late payers. There were many - every month. An onerous and unpleasant task. Many hours were spent [...]

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