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Get your iPhone to READ ANYTHING aloud to you

This is NOT one of our normal posts (it’s got NOTHING to do with account collections!) but there’s a little used function on the iPhone that lets you listen to anything displayed on your screen.

An email, a website, a pdf document even an entire book (iBook, Kindle, etc) – ANYTHING on your screen.


How to set it up
* settings
* general
* accessibility
* speech
* speak selection – slide to show green
* speak screen – slide to show green

How to listen
swipe two fingers down from the very top of the screen (in the black part above all icons).
This will appear.
* the tortoise and the hare, slow down or speed up the speech
* the |<< and |>> take you one page backward or forward
* pause and play is self-explanatory

Siri doesn’t read as well as a human being, of course, but once you get used to its monotone delivery and the occasional mispronounced word, it does a surprisingly good job.

1 If you’re going to listen to a long website or a book length item, temporarily re-set the auto-lock to NEVER so it doesn’t cut out on you.
—— settings | display and brightness | auto-lock | Never
2 I suggest you DON’T use VoiceOver (another function), but if you DO decide to experiment with that, look at this video to see how to turn it off!!

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