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Client Successes

As every situation is different, so must be the approach taken and strategies applied.
The projects below are some of many.
The results achieved are not unusual, they’re normal.

For each of the examples below, click on their headings to see
* Original Situations, and
* Outcomes Achieved.

Small Legal Practice

After three months the 90d+ debtors reduced by over 72%.

National Wholesale Distributor

90day+ component of the debtor book reduced by over 50% in 2 months

Chain of Department Stores

$450,000 of accounts paid out balances within the first 10 weeks.

12 partner accounting firm

“Old” accounts down by 36% when compared to same time previous year.

Country Accountancy Practice

Overdue accounts down by 32% after three months – all achieved off-site.

Orthodontic Practice

Aged Trial Balance reduced by 32% after only 8 weeks.

Employment Agency

The one fee that didn’t pay in month one, did!

Childcare Centre

We used “embarrassment” in this instance. No letters, no phone calls, just …