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Pay up or I’ll … ??

if you don't pay I'll ... I'llWhat can you do when you want a debtor to pay but you DON’T want to threaten legal action? Ever been there? If so, try this. Send a “no real threat” threat email. Threaten the “non-specific”. 

Things like
* consider other alternatives
* have to submit a report to the Board
* have to revert to policy.

This is one.
It’s used sparingly, but normally successfully, in one of our clients, a legal practice.

Dear Mr Hill,

Matter Details: De Facto Property Settlement
Matter Number: 2014567
Amount: $2,456.78

I refer to previous correspondence regarding the above matter.
If there is
* something preventing you from settling this invoice in the near future, or
* something that you need from us, or
* you would like to organise to “pay off’ this debt,
please let us know.

But, if none of the above apply, we do not hear from you by the close of business of Friday, 18 September and it still remains unpaid I will be obliged to revert to policy. I trust that that will not become necessary.

Interesting when you think about it because it’s not a particularly HEAVY one as the ‘threat’ is only “revert to policy”. But try it. It DOES work pretty well as most people have NO idea what your policy is and many firms don’t even have a policy anyway!!! 😀 Tell us why you’re not paying or …

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