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Why have a Payment Gateway in YOUR School?

1 Easier for account customers to pay invoices when loaded on to a website.
2 Payment arrangements made “stick” when set up by direct debit.
3 Payments can be drawn from credit cards or bank accounts.
4 Direct Debit payments are always given more priority by debtors than those that have to be made manually.
5 See what happened when an Orthodontic Practice introduced a customised Payment Gateway.
6 This is what we did to GET those results.

FULL DETAILS in this Slide Show.

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Main Features (in brief)

1 No Monthly Fees.
2 No Merchant Fees (optional) – they can be paid by Debtors.
3 Merchant earns at least 15c on every successful scheduled transaction.
4 No charge for failed payments.
5 Uses a Virtual Terminal (can be accessed by any computer or mobile).
6 Extraordinarily flexible.
7 No paper records required.
8 Customised Daily Reports.
9 Debtors notified by email and SMS if they fail to pay.