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  • After one month, all fees, except for one, paid and were up to date.
  • All work was conducted by OPS off-site.
  • OPS now contact clients before payment due to remind them about payment terms.
  • Debtors are not aware that they are being contacted by an “outside body”.
  • Seamless systems are now in place for all follow ups.
  • All accounts are monitored regularly.
  • After two months, The one fee that didn’t pay in month one, did!

Original Situation

  • Small boutique employment agency, one office, limited administration staff.
  • Small client base – only 12-15 invoices raised monthly.
  • Clients not paying within terms even though the business had a “Replacement of Staff Policy”.
  • Downturn in market meant that cash-flow became extremely tight and heavily dependant on fees being paid within trading terms.