What to say … ?

When phoning an INDIVIDUAL - for the very first time Apply the “Assumption of Innocence”. Don’t actually ask why the account hasn’t been paid at all. Assume it’s on the way, or, at the very least, that it’s been sent! Gwen Iveer - Good Morning. May I speak to Fred Jones please? Mr Jones - [...]

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if a phone call turns ugly …

... hang up (!) or get "off topic".Just occasionally, phone calls can get way off track.  The customer argues, gets unreasonable and tempers start to fray. In other words, communication is breaking down. If that ever happens to you, try one, or both, of these methods.  In NLP terms, they're both pattern interrupts.METHOD 1:Try the [...]

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We’ll call you later

Imagine: You have two invoices to pay.  Both are for exactly the same amount and overdue. You receive a reminder email from both creditors.  One's a normal (yawn) reminder, but the other has the sentence "We will call you later this week to see if there’s anything that you need." Now, who are YOU going [...]

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telephone collections – made easier

Collecting money over the phone when chasing slow payers can be much more effective by following a few 'ground rules'. After all, you probably don't really want to make the phone call and the debtors probably don't want to take your call, but these 6 simple tips will make life a little easier (and much [...]

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how to ask for an account payment

Don't ask "Would you?" - ask "How?"   People don't like confrontation. Human Nature. & the best non-confrontational way to ask about an overdue account is not to say “Would you like to pay the fees today?”. If you do, you’re asking them a Closed Question. You’re asking them for a “Yes” or “No” reply. And, [...]

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Don’t you agree?

"... great. That payment arrangement's ok with us so, if you're ok with it too, then everyone's happy. Don't you agree?" Regardless of what's being said to you, if the person speaking to you ends with those words, the natural tendency for all of us is to say "Yes". Don't you agree? Whether you just [...]

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Can You Help?

People LOVE to help. It's natural. We all do. And, guess what, debtors do too! Try using these three little words when appropriate - "Can You Help?". Never ceases to amaze me. Works so well. Here are just some occasions when you can use it. There are many, many, many more - just think laterally. [...]

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