it’s not about the money, Honey …

You’re the debtor. You haven’t paid the accountants bill. They’ve written to you a couple of times already. They’ve even tried phoning. You haven't replied to their messages. You get home. Your wife calls out “There’s a letter from the Accountants on your desk Honey.” How do you feel? With that sinking feeling, you collapse [...]

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Don’t be skeptical – this WORKS.

This technique's been used for ages. Before you say "Can't do that", did YOU know that in 2000, "David Manning"  was a "made up" critic that Sony created to give positive reviews of their movies! In a Finance Company I worked for many, many years ago a made-up name was used there as well. Anyone [...]

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Sometimes, the less said, the better

Whenever all of your 'collection' attempts (emails, letters, phone & text messages .. ) have been ignored, sometimes, the less said, the better. This almost always gets a response ... but only IF you follow all of the 6 steps below, ALL of them. It's simple psychology. Why this works. * It's a slap in the face. It's [...]

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Something to think about.

Get on friendly terms with the person you leave a message with. AND, get their FIRST name. Imagine this: You get a phone call. It's for someone else. You take a message. You give it to the person it was meant for. The next day, the same person calls back. They greet you by your [...]

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“Phantom” Discounts

Do you pay your rates bill to get the discount offered? Most people do. So, if you're a service provider and want to get paid more quickly by doing VERY little then consider offering "phantom" discounts on every invoice. (It's like charging Late Charges without having to go through the process of having to have [...]

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The power of a ‘soft’ threat

 The client wasn't paying. * Messages left by the junior accounts person were being ignored. * What to do? * Important client. * Client for many years. * Don't want to get too "heavy". At 1.58pm we sent an email (on top of previous 'follow up' emails) ... At 2.07pm, 9 minutes later, we received a [...]

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Blame the “accounts people”

Does this sound familiar? You’ve got a customer with an overdue account. Standard reminders haven’t worked and phone messages left for them been ignored? If so, try this simple, effective and non-offensive approach that we encourage our clients to use. Blame the “accounts people” for having to follow up the payment. Recent example It was [...]

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the early bird gets paid

Ever thought about sending a Reminder Email, Text message or Letter BEFORE an invoice is due for payment? I get an email from American Express every month about one week before my account payment is due. Love it. I'm never late paying them! Reminded me of what we did a few years ago at one [...]

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