If you’re not using Quick Parts in emails yet …

A fantastic time-saver. Create a 'library' of standard phrases, entire emails even. Watch your productivity soar! This post explains how to use Microsoft Quick Parts. Use it to save commonly used wording in emails. It's the best way to insert commonly used phrases, paragraphs and entire emails very, very quickly without having to type them [...]

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YOU tell us why you’re not paying or we’ll …

If some account customers aren't paying when they're supposed to, ask them to tell you why ... in THEIR own words. Combine this with the threat of the "non-specific" and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how many pay or come back to you with a payment date before the 'deadline'. a question ... How [...]

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One Little Magic Sentence

You're a debtor. You owe $2,000 to two creditors. $4,000 owed in total. Both for similar services. Neither creditor A or B is more important to you than the other. Both have sent email reminders saying essentially the same thing ... "please pay". You haven't got enough to pay either.The next email reminder from the [...]

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Six Key Influencing Factors – a 12 minute video

Whether you're Chasing Slow Payers or selling something, this short 12 minute video explains 6 influencing factors identified by Dr Robert Cialdini that will help you to achieve vastly improved results. 1  Reciprocity 2  Scarcity 3  Authority 4  Consistency 5  Liking 6  Consensus We use all regularly at various contact points during the collection cycle.

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Are your accounts being paid on time?

Are you getting the collection results that you want and need? No? Are clients paying you later than they should be? Yes? Then perhaps it's time to re-think about how you are managing your debtors?  Are you ... Starting everything early? Keeping your trading terms as tight as the market will bear, following up overdue [...]

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it’s not about the money, Honey …

You’re the debtor. You haven’t paid the accountants bill. They’ve written to you a couple of times already. They’ve even tried phoning. You haven't replied to their messages. You get home. Your wife calls out “There’s a letter from the Accountants on your desk Honey.” How do you feel? With that sinking feeling, you collapse [...]

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Don’t be skeptical – this WORKS.

This technique's been used for ages. Before you say "Can't do that", did YOU know that in 2000, "David Manning"  was a "made up" critic that Sony created to give positive reviews of their movies! In a Finance Company I worked for many, many years ago a made-up name was used there as well. Anyone [...]

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Sometimes, the less said, the better

Whenever all of your 'collection' attempts (emails, letters, phone & text messages .. ) have been ignored, sometimes, the less said, the better. This almost always gets a response ... but only IF you follow all of the 6 steps below, ALL of them. It's simple psychology. Why this works. * It's a slap in the face. It's [...]

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