How many influencing techniques can YOU find?

How many influencing techniques can YOU find in this short, yet extremely effective, email? Using only one of any of the influencing techniques mentioned below won't work. BUT ... when used as they have in this email these techniques are extraordinarily powerful and WILL get a response. We use a combination of them in almost all [...]

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don’t forget the simple circular

A few years ago we sent a circular with the following wording to selected parents of girls in a private college whose fees were overdue. It didn’t go to all parents with overdue fees, just to those that were approved by the Business Manager. It wasn't personalised, just included with the next terms fees - [...]

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“Nett 30days” is rubbish

You open two envelopes in the office. Both have invoices for exactly the same amount. Dated the same date and with the same trading terms. Both are for services. Neither service is more important to you than the other. The only difference is the phrasing next to the amount due. Invoice #1 says “Nett 30 [...]

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say “CONFIRM”, not “advise”

How can you follow up a payment promise that hasn’t been kept WITHOUT becoming aggressive and risking client upset? In other words, when you get a broken promise to pay - what should you do? What to say. How to say it. Some creditors call and say “You said that you were going to pay [...]

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The power of the “no threat” threat

The "threat of the non-specific" is often more powerful than a firm, "heavy" email or letter. Works on the same principle that works on children .... "Wait til your father gets home". Not knowing what's going to happen is often more concerning than knowing. This wording is normally VERY effective in generating a reply from [...]

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You can count on the rules … even if they don’t exist

This wording almost ALWAYS gets a reply AS LONG AS there have been systematic reminders sent beforehand. As always, start early. ----------------------------------------   Dear Mr Bloggs, Please advise if payment for the January invoice 123456 ($6,123.00) and the April invoice 131234 ($3,231.00) has been organised. If a payment date has already been scheduled, thank you. [...]

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how to get invoices paid

Sometimes, despite your best efforts when "chasing slow payers", they simply don't pay. You've sent out your standard "reminders", left phone messages and maybe even sent text messages, but, no response.  What to do?  Easy, threaten the non-specific.Just send a short email (on top of any earlier ones sent maybe) and say ...*******************************************Dear Mr Bloggs,Please [...]

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How to get people to pay when they said they will

Has this ever happened to you?You did the work. You sent the invoice. The client didn't pay. You chased them up. They promised to pay. They didn't? In other words, a broken promise to pay. Most people will experience this. If you haven't yet. Wait. For you will!Over the last few months we've been doing [...]

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How to stop debtors stalling

Shock. HORROR!! When you're chasing slow payers, some of them will dispute something, anything in fact, but .... it's only to stall paying. They really have no problem with your account - they just want to buy time. To pay later. One of our clients is a National Accounting Firm. This is how we got [...]

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When you’re simply being ignored

When chasing slow payers and you’ve tried almost everything and the debtor STILL doesn’t contact you, what can you do? Try these three steps. ONE – Send them a “snail mail” letter ... ... along the lines of (and this is based on one that we’ve regularly used …. and it’s almost always successful)   Dear Mr [...]

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