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Digital Marketing Agency

“Initially, I truly didn’t expect them to be successful. In fact, I was VERY skeptical of any success whatsoever. But they WERE successful! I was able to avoid litigating. Saving both my time and hefty legal and court costs.”

Software Company

… “The debtor had told me, quite categorically, that he was not going to pay … MORE

Wholesale Distributor

“Since engaging OPS we have seen a number of improvements in the key metrics of our business:
* Our average collections on a month to month basis doubled.
* Our 90day+ component of our debtor book reduced by over 50% in 2 months.”

Chain of Department Stores

“This has been much more successful than I expected. Your systems and processes have allowed us to trade out of a seemingly impossible situation. We’ve seen a positive cash flow improvement of over $1.2M in the first 10 weeks. Thank you so much.”

Real Estate Agency

“I have used the services of OPS and I am delighted with the results. I had a tenant that ran away with over $10,000 of my money for more than 6 years and OPS and their team of professionals have recouped (so far) almost all of the money. If I ever need to chase someone for outstanding money I would not hesitate a minute to use OPS again. Thank you!!”

Accounting Firm

“Because of the very close and sensitive relationship between accountants and their clients, we were initially very hesitant, as you know, to engage your services. However, now that the number of days our debtors are outstanding has dropped by about 40%, we wish we had done so sooner.”

Customs Agency

“… introduced and implemented a system that ultimately sped up the payment from our debtors/clients of our invoices. Our cash flow improved dramatically. The bottom line is that it works for us and the job gets done systematically and efficiently.”

Private School

“After one month our 30-day debtors were reduced by 40% and our 60 days by 15%. Results far exceeded my expectations.”

Legal Practice

“… substantially reduced the time taken to collect our receivables. You have certainly made a significant impact on our debtors list and have introduced a new level of credit awareness.”

Employment Agency

“The set up was seamless and their processes sat comfortably with me. Within 21 days, all but one of our late payers had settled their invoices and the others primed to pay on time. OPS are professional in their approach, confidential with all matters and should be part of every business team.”

Medical Practice

I could not speak highly enough of your services with this case and the others. Your factual approach and knowledge is amazing. I have already referred you to a number of friends and the “unlikely debt recovery” service is a must for marketing.”

Accounting Firm

“I have recommended Michael to a number of my clients in need of assistance with their cash flow and debtors management processes and systems . The clients have been delighted with the service and results achieved.”