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Collect All Payments As Soon As Possible – While You ARE The Good Guy

invoice promptly - chase quicklyOnce upon a time …

“Boy. Am I in big trouble. I never should’ve sold those pulleys without checking.”
NEXT DAY – “I forgot that I’d cancelled my products liability insurance.”
2 DAYS LATER ON FIRST MEETING WITH LAWYER – “If I lose this case – I’m bankrupt.”
AFTER 8 DAYS OF DEPOSITION OF ADVERSE PARTY – “I don’t know how you learned so much about pulleys and jet airplane hydraulic mechanisms. You really must’ve studied hard.”
AT TRIAL – “Do you really think that you can keep the copy of the contract from being introduced by using the “Best Evidence Rule?”

AFTER SETTLEMENT IN HALL – “You did it. You did it. I can’t believe you did it. I’m getting a Bank Cheque right now to pay the settlement before they change their mind.”
DAY OF SETTLEMENT – “He’s a fantastic lawyer. No other lawyer could’ve done what he did. I owe him my business – my career – my everything.”
10 DAYS LATER – “He’s a great lawyer and did a great job, but the law and the facts were on my side.”
3 WEEKS LATER – “He’s a pretty good lawyer but the judge and the jury were on my side.”
4 WEEKS LATER – He did his job but there’s no way I could’ve lost.”
6 WEEKS LATER – “The case was cut and dried. I could’ve argued it without a lawyer and won easily.”
8 WEEKS LATER – “I never needed a lawyer to begin with. He made a big deal out of a simple matter just to build up his fee.”
10 WEEKS LATER – “He’s crazy if he thinks I’m going to pay his bill.”
12 WEEKS LATER – “That shyster S.O.B. sued me for payment. I’m filing a complaint against him with the Bar Association and I’ll cross-complain for malpractice.”

MOTTO: Invoice and follow up any late payments as soon as possible.

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Have you ever wondered why a client does business with you and then ignores your invoice like they had no intention of paying it in the first place or they treat you like their own personal line of credit, leaving YOU dangling, waiting months for their payment? Unfortunately this situation is all too common and can even be puzzling for the most experienced business owner. If you’ve ever had to handle outstanding accounts or you are just so over non-payers, then we can help. Real-world skills, solutions, tips & strategies to get more accounts paid on time, and, most importantly, how to maintain customer goodwill while keeping YOUR cash flow in the positive. You will find the blog posts helpful but to get real results, contact us by using any of the forms on this site, by email or by phone. I’ve been involved in the management of accounts for over 30 years, heard every excuse in the book, can spot a non-payer at 20 paces. Finance Companies in the 70s (systematic, tough), professional firms in the 80s (no systems, too gentle) and, since then, just about every other sort of business you can think of. I’ve written books on the topic, spoken all over the place about it and the blog in this website is my way of “giving back”. I hope you find it helpful.

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