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The “Fast Money” in all Debtor Ledgers ALWAYS comes from the most recent invoices raised.

* “Overdue account receipts increased from 34% to 64% as a percentage of the total receipts within only 3 weeks”.

* “After one month our 30-day debtors were reduced by 40% and our 60 days by 15%.”

* “… much more successful than I expected. Your systems and processes have allowed us to trade out of a seemingly impossible situation.

* “We’ve seen a positive cash flow improvement of over $1.2M in the first 10 weeks.”

Outsourcing Credit Management is for businesses who want to

* Stay in control of the Accounts Receivable function.

* Focus on running the business without the distraction of “chasing the overdue invoices”.

* Maintain a planned and steady cash-flow without the up-and-down fluctuations that most businesses experience.

* Know that unpaid invoices are being regularly and professionally followed up in a non-confrontational manner.

* Minimise the risk of Bad Debts.

In other words, it is for businesses that simply don’t have the time, staff or capacity to follow up payment of any accounts as soon as they become due.

“Love the concept but not really sure how it works”.

I’ve heard that so many times so, to save YOU asking, I’ve put together a small Google Site to explain a little more what outsourcing the credit management function to an ‘outside body’ involves.

Click on the image below for details.