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Let Us Help You Get Your Invoices Paid In Full Promptly

The 3 biggest benefits

More Money

Cash-flow is improved once more accounts start paying on time. No more “highs” and “lows” when costs are controlled and exposure to the risk of Bad Debts minimised.

More Time

There is now more time to do what you went into business for, now there are no distractions and less work needed to stay in control of the Debtors Ledger.

Peace of Mind

Now back in control, and knowing that time-proven processes are being professionally applied, there is less worry and fewer “hassles” about any slow-paying debtors.


50% reduction in 90d+ debtors

Original Situation
  • National business experiencing rapid growth and expansion.
  • Large percentage of the Debtors Ledger factored to one of the major banks.
  • Upper management spending time ‘putting out fires” while attempting to control cash-flow.
National Distributor

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72% reduction in 90d+ debtors

Original Situation
  • Owner extremely conscious of retaining client goodwill.
  • Spasmodic collection efforts extremely UNsuccessful.
  • Ledger not large but debts “blowing out”.
  • No working follow up system in place.
Legal Practice

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Total Debts down by 32% in 8 weeks

Original Situation
  • The practice had a very time-consuming debt collection process.
  • Directors not really aware of what was happening with the accounts.
  • No clearly defined New Patient Procedure in place.
Orthodontic Practice

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