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A Healthy and Smooth CashFlow is vital.

Are you ..
.. making it as easy as possible for your account customers to pay you according to YOUR trading terms?
.. hard for them to ‘overlook’ payments?
.. utilising the most up-to-date ‘best practice’ processes in your business?
.. following up all late payments in the most confrontational manner most effective for your type of business?
.. removing any ‘special’ customers from your collection procedure to maintain goodwill?
.. (Do you HAVE a written-down collection procedure?)

Successful account recoveries ALWAYS falls back on the strength of your initial documentation, processes in place and accurate record keeping.

Whether an established or a new business, a Credit Procedure Audit will
.. smooth out and maximise cashflow.
.. minimise risk of bad debts.
.. protect YOUR business against the few debtors who may try to totally avoid payment by having the best processes in place – customised for your business.