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debt collectionWhen you’ve simply “had enough” of an unpaid account. Tried everything – STILL not paid. Then either leave a message for us on 07 3041 3289 or contact us using the form below – and we’ll get back in touch with you within 2 working days.
– Simple.
– Done.
You don’t need a “Debt Collector“, you need someone to THINK through what can be done for any complex or stubborn unpaid accounts you may have.
* Our fees are simple and straightforward – 15% of any collected amount when the debt is under 12 months old. (25% for anything older.)
* Nothing collected = Nothing billed to you.
* No complicated contracts.


– “Initially, I truly didn’t expect them to be successful. In fact, I was VERY skeptical of any success whatsoever. But they WERE successful! I was able to avoid litigating. Saving both my time and hefty legal and court costs.”
– “After one month our 30-day debtors were reduced by 40% and our 60 days by 15%. Results far exceeded my expectations.”
– “I am delighted with the results. I had a tenant that ran away with over $10,000 of my money for more than 6 years and Michael and his team of professionals have recouped (so far) almost all of the money. If I ever need to chase someone for outstanding money I would not hesitate a minute to use Michael again. Thank you!!”

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