Face-To-Face Meetings – How to get a debtor talking.

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Face-To-Face Meetings – How to get a debtor talking.

get the debtor to talk by using a bullet-point listThe debtor hasn’t paid and the accounts pretty badly overdue. 

He’s coming IN to the office to meet with you.

You really need to discuss his overdue account with him.

For most of us, this can be difficult. (Raising a sensitive topic like this in a face-to-face situation.)

The solution?
Don’t YOU raise the topic first!
Get HIM to, like this …

1: On a notepad or piece of paper, write out a short list – capital letters & bullet-point format – of all matters you want to discuss.

2: Be sure your printing is clear, legible and reasonably large if on paper. Use a large font if on a notepad.  In other words, not small.

3: Number each point.

4: Make the very LAST numbered bullet-point “YOUR ACCOUNT”.

5: Bring the notepad or piece of paper into the meeting.

6: Put it on the table between you and debtor. WITH THE LIST FACING YOU

7: Glance at the list now and then as you discuss each point. This encourages the debtor to do the same. And he’s very likely to notice the last item. Even though it’s upside down. 

You read the words in the image above ok didn’t you?

He’ll see those two words “YOUR ACCOUNT” which say both nothing and everything at the same time. 

1: Makes you plan the meeting properly.
2: Means you won’t miss anything you want to discuss.
3: Makes him look at your list to see what’s coming up next.
4: Forces you to raise the topic – if he doesn’t!


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