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I invite you to visit our new ‘school-specific’ FaceBook Page. (established 16th Sep 2019) 

Practical Tips – It has Daily Tips to help you encourage more families to pay on time.
*  See what other schools do.
*  Get Help – Ask Questions / Exchange Ideas.
*  Ask ME anything – if I don’t know the answer, someone else may!  
*  Be Reminded – of techniques learned from a workshop.  It’s likely you’ve forgotten a lot already! What people have said about our workshops.

So, if

  • *  you’ve never been able to come to one of my workshops (distance, time, illness …)
  • *  (or have – and want to keep right up to date),
  • *  have a question,
  • *  want to share an idea, or
  • *  just pick up some helpful hints in the daily posts
  • *  click HERE or on the image above.

ONE REQUEST: Please FOLLOW and LIKE the posts that YOU like. This will help other schools to find them and I will be able to post more of what people want to see more of.  See you there.  🙂