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Australian Industry Group

  • On behalf of Australian Industry Group, I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your organisation, for all the effort you and your team put in, to deliver the 10 Debt Recovery Seminars throughout South East Queensland.
  • Both workshops were very good.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great and very informative. Thank you.
  • Very enjoyable and interesting.
  • Very well presented.

Dept of State Development

  • 85% of rated the content as very good or outstanding
  • 88% rated the value of the information and the presenter as very good or outstanding.

from our own workshops

  • Good content that is of real value to business owners.
  • An excellent investment of my time.
  • Real help for the real world.
  • Valuable! Informative, clever, good speaker! Thanks.
  • Found info very valuable and interesting.
  • Very practical and informative.
  • Speaker captivated audience for whole of seminar.
  • Kept us all amused and on our toes.
  • A light hearted but practical approach to slow debts.
  • Logical, fast moving, not indulgent, direct, full of good hints and facts, well presented, engaging, kept me involved.
  • Excellent, very eye opening and useful. I really enjoyed your seminar.