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Stop being an interest-free banking facility for your account customers!

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  • – reduce the risk of Bad Debts,
  • – get more invoices paid on time AND retain customer goodwill at the same time,
  • – take CONTROL of the Debtors Ledger,
  • – carry as few overdue accounts as possible at all times, and essentially
  • – maximise your cash-flow,


  1. Your nominated debtors (with overdue accounts) will be followed up – regularly.  And without fail.  No office space, phone line or computer needed.
  2. You will ALWAYS have at least two people assigned to you (your own Credit Department). Sickness, Holidays, Long Service Leave, Resignations will no longer affect cashflow.
  3. The approach taken is always polite, friendly and non-confrontational.
  4. Contact is made by email, text message or on your own letterhead.
  5. Your customers never know that an “outside body” is involved – maintains relationships.
  6. Disputes, account queries, emails and phone messages are actioned daily by people who know what they’re doing.
  7. 12 more reasons …

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What Now?

1   Review these options

CreditFlow CleanUp – when your accounts need a quick tidy up, monies collected and a system put into place for future management that you can handle in-house.

CreditFlow Controller – for medium to small businesses where the alternative is a part-time person who may or may not be reliable or experienced in this very sensitive area.

CreditFlow Professional – for medium to large businesses that require an experienced Credit Department at a fraction of the cost.

CreditFlow Live Events – meet other people facing exactly the same ‘challenges’ that you are at these practical, inter-active events that are wholly devoted to problem solving, system creation, email/letter composition and right-up-to-date telephone & collection techniques.

CreditFlow InHouse Training – tell us what you’re doing right now from first customer contact to accounts receivable. Listen to suggested changes (if applicable), set a date and we’ll run a customised workshop for you.
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