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Outsource the Credit Management function in your business.

* Tailor it to suit YOUR firm so that your accounts can be managed for you the way you want them to be!
* Free yourself and your staff from having to “chase the debtors”.
* Focus on more productive, fee-generating work using experts to get YOUR invoices paid more quickly using a new, non-confrontational, time-proven and customisable system that …
1: is both regular and very non-confrontational in approach and
2: focuses on ‘slow’ account payments, not ‘bad’ debts. (You don’t need a Debt Collection Agency, but you DO want to get paid!)

* Use it only for as long as you need it!  There are no lock-in contracts involved.  We live by the results we achieve for our clients.


– checking and responding to all incoming emails.
– updating Partners/Managers as relevant (account queries, disputes …)
– forwarding invoice copies to clients when requested.
– returning incoming phone calls.
– following up Partners/Managers for responses to clients as necessary.

– diplomatically following up unpaid balances (those that have been approved for follow up) regularly by email, letter, text message or phone.
– suggesting improvements to follow up processes.
– reporting to Management as required.
– offering realistic strategies to take for any ‘problem’ situations/debtors.

✔ This time-proven system WILL improve cashflow and reduce lock-up.
It ALWAYS does. (Normally reduces Debtor Ledgers by at least 35% within 8 weeks.)  See Case Studies.

✔ Coverage is 5 days a week.
Credit Management in your firm is probably NOT a full time job but incoming emails, queries, invoice copies requested should be attended to daily – this service covers that for you. (At least 2 experienced people will be covering your debtors at all times so you will never again be affected by any ‘sick days’, holidays, resignations …)

✔ This is a NO contract plan.
Use it only for as long as you want to.

✔ YOU maintain control while the accounts are managed for you.
In other words, none of your clients are followed up for payment until you’ve given express permission to do so.

✔ Your clients are NEVER aware that ‘collections’ is being done by an ‘outside body’.
– All work is done offsite BUT as far as your staff and clients are concerned, follow ups are merely part of your everyday management practice.
– Emails are sent from YOUR email address, outgoing phone calls are unidentified, incoming phone calls can either be forwarded to a dedicated phone number or a message taken and onforwarded by email.
– All emails are attended to daily as are any requested invoice copies or any account queries/disputes. Managers/Partners are advised of these immediately so they can be addressed quickly.

✔ Extremely cost-effective.
You will have a full Credit Department for less than the cost of one Full Time Credit Manager. Average Annual Salary for one Credit Manager in Australia = AU$81,090 PLUS
     – Employment Agency Fees,
     – Superannuation,
     – Annual Leave,
     – Sick Days,
     – Office Space,
     – Computer, Phone …

✔ Provides continuous coverage.
No downtime – ever. The firms cashflow will never be affected again by sick leave, annual holidays or any other absences.

✔ No need to worry if an existing staff member leaves.
Trying to find a suitably qualified person to replace them is both time consuming (to employ and then to train) and expensive.

✔ Removes all “hassles” and worry about slow-paying debtors knowing that people well experienced in this area are always looking after this function 24/7.

✔ No extra space needed
No office space, desk, computer or phones required (all work is done offsite.)

✔ Fees are 100% tax deductable.

In other words, outsourcing is an extremely cost-effective option as at least two experienced people will manage your accounts using a time-proven system. To get a suggested “Plan Of Attack” for YOUR business, click below.

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