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chasing slow debtors often means making a payment arrangement.  Try this to guarantee payment.Did you know that a signed payment arrangement is a new contract? And, if that new contract is not honoured, you can sue and you will win judgement every time?

That means that if the debtor continually defaults on the payment arrangement made (and you’ve finally “had enough”) and decide to sue, then you can sue them on the defaulted arrangement and you will win judgement every time!


You cannot lose.

The debtor cannot dispute any of the work done or anything about the service or product you supplied because you’re not suing them about any of those, you’re suing them for not keeping to the new contract – your payment agreement. In other words, they have negated their right to argue about the service or product supplied by signing a new contract – to pay you X dollars every week/month.


* Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a copy of the your payment arrangement letter with the original of the letter.
* Put something like this at the bottom of the copy
I, Dave Debtor, agree to the above payment arrangement.
Signed By: ——————dated:
Dave Debtor —————-___ March 2009

Some debtors won’t sign and return this letter. But the ones that do intend honouring the arrangement will. And this acts as an idicator about their intent to pay. Their non-compliance to your request could indicate that they’re only “stalling”.

Click here to see some wording that you can use.

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