Six Quick PRACTICAL Tips To Speed Up Payments

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Six Quick PRACTICAL Tips To Speed Up Payments

Just in time for Christmas!

*TIP #1 – Text Messages
If you’ve got a mobile phone, your debtor probably has one too. Send a text msg to them from a service like SMS-IT. It’s sent from your email, goes to their phone and their reply comes back to your email. You can send the same message to multiple debtors – 11cents (AU) per sms.

*TIP #2 – Remind them about an account payment BEFORE it’s due
One of the most successful ways to get accounts paid on time is to chase for payment BEFORE the due date!

*TIP #3 – If they can’t afford the full amount NEVER say “Well how much CAN you afford?”
Ask “How Much Are You Short?” – you will get more paid.

*TIP #4 – If you KNOW that they’re cash poor …
Go to your debtor with a payment arrangement that you would have accepted if they’d originally come to you with that offer.

*TIP #5 – this sentence in reminders – DOUBLES who replies/pays
We’ll phone you next week to see if we can be of any assistance.”

*TIP #6 – Use ‘bullet points’ in reminders
Easier to read, easier to write, more replies.

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