Some Wording for “Letters of Demand”

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Some Wording for “Letters of Demand”

When push comes to shove and your account customer still hasn’t paid or responded, it’s time to get “heavier” – more assertive.

Here are a few suggestions of wording and approaches you can use.


A Straight Forward “Letter Of Demand” (sent by email)

Dear Sirs,

We refer to the balance below and to various attempts to contact you, both by phone and by email, to discuss payment or to assist you to settle the balance due. This account was recently raised at Board level due to the amount and ageing of the invoices.

I have now been instructed to DEMAND that full payment of this debt is to be received in these offices on or before the close of business of Thursday, 09 April. If it is not, and we have not heard from you, I am then to commence formal proceedings for recovery through legal channels; a course we were trying to avoid.

This will incur additional costs for which you may also be liable as well as a default payment listing being noted on the public record. If you wish to avoid the above consequences, please make sure that the firm is in receipt of $2,442.00 on or before the above date or that we have been contacted by then.

More Suggestions

I’m your friend, talk to ME

(The “Personal Appeal” demand)

Go to THIS web page for several more suggestions.

How To Make Sure That Your “Demand” IS received

(and that THEY know that YOU know that they’ve got it!)


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