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Sometimes, the less said, the better

I could not care lessWhenever all of your ‘collection’ attempts (emails, letters, phone & text messages .. ) have been ignored, sometimes, the less said, the better. This almost always gets a response … but only IF you follow all of the 6 steps below, ALL of them. It’s simple psychology.

Why this works.
* It’s a slap in the face. It’s short. To the point.
* It’s only 3 one sentence paragraphs.
– 1st one – states the fact.
– 2nd one – states what’s about to happen.
– 3rd one – is really saying “what happens next is up to you“.
* The message is sent twice …
– the “vague” email on Thursday – which just has to be opened – read the wording. Wouldn’t you?
– the letter on Friday. (If the debtor decides to do nothing on Friday, he’ll fret about it all weekend and then comes the letter … on Monday!)
* The email is from someone else. This tells him that you REALLY don’t care anymore what he does.
* It doesn’t invite any discussion.

STEP ONE – Prepare a snail-mail letter with this wording.

Dear Mr Bloggs,
Overdue Account – $14,623.44

Payment of the above amount is now well overdue.
On Thursday, 05 February, this matter is to be given to our solicitors to pursue payment on our behalf in whatever manner they deem necessary.
We now leave the future course of this matter entirely in your hands.

Yours sincerely,

STEP TWO – Save the letter as a pdf.

STEP THREE – Have your Receptionist, PA, Secretary or someone else in your business send an email with the pdf attached using this wording (nothing else) …

Dear Mr Bloggs,
The attached file is self-explanatory.


STEP FOUR – Send the email on a Thursday.

STEP FIVE – Post the letter version the next day, on the Friday.

STEP SIX – 4 or 5 days AFTER the deadline (if the debtor hasn’t responded by then) instruct your solicitor to send them a 7-Day Letter of Demand. Do absolutely nothing at all until then. Even to the point of not returning the debtors first phone call.

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