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* Dec 2018 – Invoice raised.
* Partners very reluctant to follow up debt.  “I will not pay for any work done for Matthew (debtors ex-business partner)”.
* 16 Oct 2019 – Finally released for follow up.
* 18 Oct 2019 – Debtors ex-business partner agreed to pay one-third of debt before the email was sent.
* 22 Oct 2019 – Email sent (with a cc to a firm of solicitors.)
* 30 Oct 2019 – Client paid.

Dear Andrew,

In the email below, you advised that you’re happy to pay your share but would not be accountable for any advice given to Matthew.  On that basis, the firm is prepared to offer you the following time-limited offer on a WITHOUT PREJUDICE basis.

The firm will accept one-third of the original invoice (attached), seven hundred and sixty dollars and eighty-three cents ($760.83), as full and final payment of your commitment, provided that the firm is in receipt of that amount before the close of business of Friday, 01 November.

Should you decide not to take up this offer, which is reluctantly granted, 

1: Recovery of the full amount of this debt will be given to a third party to take whatever actions they deem necessary in protection of the firm’s interests.

2: This will incur additional costs for which ABC Company may also become liable if our case against them is successful. 

In summary 

The firm is confident that judgment will be granted in its favour as we are required to maintain accurate records of all work done and can verify that all reasonable efforts have been made to resolve all issues before reverting to legal action.

If it is successful, judgement against ABC Company will be noted on the public record and this may affect its ability to obtain credit for a period of up to five (5) years.

To avoid the embarrassment and additional costs for which ABC Company may also be liable, please be sure to remit $760.83 on or before the close of business of Friday, 01 November.



Format of email and Techniques applied

– Para #1 – facts stated – offer made – “WITHOUT PREJUDICE”.
– Para #2 – precise details of offer made – precise deadline given.
– Para #3 and points 1 and 2 – “reluctantly given” – consequences of no payment clearly stated – (total debt will be claimed – inferred legal action – additional costs.)
– Summary – reasonable efforts made – credit rating MAY be affected – embarrassment and additional costs.
– Note – CC of email sent to a firm of solicitors.

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