how to change “Car Park Chatter” in Schools

I respect the philosophy that, and I quote, "No Catholic child is excluded from Catholic schools on the grounds of genuine financial difficulties." But, from a commercial point of view, this makes collecting unpaid school fees in this environment extremely difficult. Many Islamic schools have the same philosophy. Most people ARE honest. I've worked in [...]

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don’t forget the simple circular

A few years ago we sent a circular with the following wording to selected parents of girls in a private college whose fees were overdue. It didn’t go to all parents with overdue fees, just to those that were approved by the Business Manager. It wasn't personalised, just included with the next terms fees - [...]

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round no or ‘odd’ amount when negotiating?

When negotiating a payment arrangement with a debtor who WANTS to pay but, quite simply, can't afford the full amount, will a round number (eg: $1,000 per week) or an 'odd' amount (eg: $995 per week) get you a better agreement? According to a Columbia Business School study it may be better to avoid using [...]

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how NOT to get paid

The most commonly applied “collection procedure” for many businesses is to wait for payment. Statements get sent out once a month and ... they wait some more.       Many go like this:- 1. They do the job. 2. Send the bill. 3. Wait for payment. 4. Send a monthly statement. 5. Wait for [...]

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Always use a “Collection Hierarchy”

Using a collection hierarchy and following up unpaid accounts very quickly, while being polite but persistent, is much simpler, less confrontational and far more effective than chasing slow payers later and harder. How to set up and work a Collection Hierarchy Start chasing accounts gently with an individual. If they're not effective in getting a [...]

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Don’t ask a Yes/No question – ask HOW

One of our clients was an Orthodontic Practice. Parents weren't paying for their Initial Consultation on the day of the consultation. "Please send me an invoice", being the most common answer to the Receptionist when asked "Would you like to pay for your consultation today?". The invoice was sent out (extra work), and parents were [...]

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If you’re not using Quick Parts in emails yet …

A fantastic time-saver. Create a 'library' of standard phrases, entire emails even. Watch your productivity soar! This post explains how to use Microsoft Quick Parts. Use it to save commonly used wording in emails. It's the best way to insert commonly used phrases, paragraphs and entire emails very, very quickly without having to type them [...]

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One Little Magic Sentence

You're a debtor. You owe $2,000 to two creditors. $4,000 owed in total. Both for similar services. Neither creditor A or B is more important to you than the other. Both have sent email reminders saying essentially the same thing ... "please pay". You haven't got enough to pay either.The next email reminder from the [...]

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