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Telephone Skills – Never Use Emotion

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The Number One Rule is always, always, always be pleasant to people when you’re on the phone. This is especially important when you’re on the phone asking someone for money to pay their bill. It’s a very sensitive issue, so however steamed up you may be about an overdue account, be pleasant.
If you’re really boiled up inside about the account, there are two options you should consider:


1. Don’t phone – write to them instead, email or letter, no matter. But, stick to the facts and be sure never to use anything that could be mistaken for sarcasm in your letter. Or,
2. If you can, get someone else to phone them on your behalf. Someone who is not emotionally connected in any way at all with the bill. They can be objective and do what you can’t do when you’re in an emotional state about the account – and that is to …


Deal Only With The Facts
These are the facts:
1. It was the customer who originally ordered stock from you or asked to have some work done.
2. The customer knew that there would be charged for this.
3. You have sent them a bill.
4. They were supposed to pay you within a certain time frame.
5. They haven’t.
You’re right. They’re wrong.
You, therefore, are the Good Guy!! They are the Bad Guys.
Those are the simple facts. No point in being emotional about it. Because, if you do, they will get emotional with you too! And then it’ll be your fault for not being paid. They could say “Well, I’m not paying them their bill until I’m good and ready because … they were rude about it!!!
So, stick to the facts – keep asking questions.
Try and assess their intent. Is the reason that they haven’t paid you a genuine one or do you think that they’re trying to stall paying you for dishonest reasons?

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