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Thanks for your enquiry.

You’ll get an email in the next few minutes or so, but if, for any reason, you DON’T get it within the next 30 minutes, please email us at and we’ll send it to you separately.

Michael Todd

Digital Marketing Agency

“Initially, I truly didn’t expect them to be successful. In fact, I was VERY skeptical of any success whatsoever. But they WERE successful! I was able to avoid litigating. Saving both my time and hefty legal and court costs.”

Wholesale Distributor

“Since engaging OPS we have seen a number of improvements in the key metrics of our business:
* Our average collections on a month to month basis doubled.
* Our 90day+ component of our debtor book reduced by over 50% in 2 months.”

Chain of Department Stores

“This has been much more successful than I expected. Your systems and processes have allowed us to trade out of a seemingly impossible situation. We’ve seen a positive cash flow improvement of over $1.2M in the first 10 weeks. Thank you so much.”

Thank You 2017-07-13T08:51:40+00:00

some good debt collection methodsImagine – how would YOU feel about one of YOUR creditors if, every time you contacted them or paid their account, they responded!!! 

Just something simple such as …
Thanks for paying on time” or
Thanks for replying so quickly“, or just
Thanks. Noted.”

You’d feel pretty good towards them, don’t you agree?  Well, so do YOUR debtors. And when, one day, THEY have to pay either YOU or another of THEIR creditors, chances are (providing other influencing factors aren’t in play), they’ll pay YOU instead of the other creditor.

Just because you said thanks. Because you’re real. Wouldn’t you?  (You probably even read this post just because of its heading.)