This email collected $197,000!

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This email collected $197,000!

the power of the non-specific threat* The debt was $197,000.
* It was for three invoices.
* The creditor is an accounting firm.
* The debtor was a national, very large legal practice.
* Trading terms are that payment becomes due fourteen (14) days from date of issue.
* The Partner was initially reluctant to release the account for follow up.
* “Normal” collection reminders hadn’t worked when eventually released.
* The wording below did. (The solicitors paid in full 5 days later.)

Dear Robert,
I refer to the three invoices attached. Can you help?
You advised me on 18 July (see below) that “invoices are being processed”. I accepted that commitment, but
· That is now almost one month ago,
· The oldest invoice is six months old and
· Records indicate that we have not been able to get in touch with you since.
As offered in my first email to you, if there are any queries regarding their content, the quantum or anything else that prevents their immediate settlement, please let me know so that I may address them straight away for you. If not, it is now important that payment for all three is made.
I will call you on Monday next week and trust that you will take my call. The Partners here are insisting that this is finalised within the next ten (10) days in the absence of any queries.
Until we speak next week,

Click on the image below to see the science behind the wording.

Another Case Study using a similar approach.

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