The “What Do YOU Do … ?” School-Specific Fee Recoveries Workshop.

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The “What Do YOU Do … ?” School-Specific Fee Recoveries Workshop. 2020-01-19T02:41:24+00:00

… To See What Makes THIS Years Workshop Different.


It is always tricky getting the majority of tuition fees paid promptly, or at least within a reasonable time frame. But, like most things, it’s made MUCH easier when time-proven and non-confrontational methods and techniques are known and used. Seldom does anyone have to get “heavy” or be aggressive when following up payments IF such techniques are applied. Cash-flow and financial management of the schools affairs can be extremely difficult if Accounts Receivable are NOT managed properly.

This years events are finally addressing what everyone has asked for in past workshops …  What to do about the “Hard Core” debtors and “Split Families”.  If you didn’t click on the “Read This First!” before, please do so. It explains a couple of the new processes we’re introducing and where the focus is this year.  We will cover the basics of fee recoveries (from Enrolments to recovering debts from exited families and all stages in between) but the focus is on these two problem areas.

TIME is YOUR biggest enemy, not the families.  Your second biggest enemy is not being sure about what can be done about these two areas.  After this workshop – you will.


Many Schools and Dioceses that have been to our seminars have reported that they have seen a measurable improvement in collections after applying just some of the principles and techniques covered. The systems suggested are ALWAYS non-confrontational. They take into account enrolments, pastoral care (where relevant), split families, compassion, staff availability and numerous other factors that simply don’t exist in the commercial world. One school even reported that after just 12 months “The collection rate of the college went from 79% to now 106% by the start of this year.”


Compassion and pastoral care are as important as ever but – so is your time. And you can save a lot of that time AND greatly improve collections by

1. gently introducing a few rules to your families,
2. having the right documentation and procedures (while adhering to the schools philosophy)
3. systemising as much as possible, and
4. knowing where and how to get help when needed.

If you’ve been to one of Michael’s previous events, you KNOW how interactive and enjoyable they are. But THIS one is different for the reasons set out earlier.
DON’T expect a slow-moving, quiet and peaceful experience!
DO expect to leave this event revitalised and enthused about managing any late-paying, hard-core and ‘split’ families you may have, with more knowledge gained from both Michael and the other delegates during the day.

We have sent all our collection Staff over the last few years – I oversee the Accounts Receivable department & I did a session & each time we get someone new we send them along – it’s the most practical training we have ever received. Thanks.

BrisbaneFri, 15th May, 20209.00am – 1.00pmcancelled – Covid-19
SydneyFri, 22nd May, 20209.00am – 1.00pmcancelled – Covid-19
MelbourneFri, 29th May, 20209.00am – 1.00pmcancelled – Covid-19
PerthFri, 5th June, 20209.00am – 1.00pmcancelled – Covid-19
HobartFri, 12th June, 20209.00am – 1.00pmcancelled – Covid-19
AdelaideFri, 19th June, 20209.00am – 1.00pmcancelled – Covid-19