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Successfully helping schools to manage “slow-paying” families (and save time while doing so) since 1986.

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It is always tricky getting the majority of tuition fees paid promptly, or at least within a reasonable time frame. But, like most things, it’s made MUCH easier when time-proven and non-confrontational methods and techniques are known and used. Seldom does anyone have to get “heavy” or be aggressive when following up payments IF such techniques are applied. Cash-flow and financial management of the schools affairs can be extremely difficult if Accounts Receivable are NOT managed properly. This years events will go back to basics covering ALL areas of fee recoveries from Enrolments to recovering debts from exited families and all stages in between. Once account collections becomes a process, it need never be something to be “put off for as long as possible”! TIME is YOUR biggest enemy, not the families. These workshops will show you HOW to efficiently manage accounts, SAVE time and improve cash-flow all at the same time.

Many Schools and Dioceses that have been to our seminars have reported that they have seen a measurable improvement in collections after applying just some of the principles and techniques covered. The systems suggested are ALWAYS non-confrontational. They take into account enrolments, pastoral care (where relevant), split families, compassion, staff availability and numerous other factors that simply don’t exist in the commercial world. One school even reported that after just 12 months “The collection rate of the college went from 79% to now 106% by the start of this year.”

Compassion and pastoral care are as important as ever but – so is your time. And you can save a lot of that time AND greatly improve collections by
1. gently introducing a few rules to your families,
2. having the right documentation and procedures (while adhering to the schools philosophy)
3. systemising as much as possible, and
4. knowing where and how to get help when needed.

Seminar Times: 09.00am – 04.00pm (Doors Open – 8.30am)
Registration Fees:
– $399.00 (plus GST) when paid at least seven (7) days before the event [$439.00 (plus GST) thereafter]

– 10% discount for a second person attending.
– 20% discount for a third person attending.

Registration Fees include.
* Continuous tea, coffee & biscuits.
* All refreshments (lunch and tea breaks).
* Personal assistance during Individual and Group Exercises.
* All Handouts.
* Comprehensive WorkShop workbook.
* Two school-specific e-books – “Step By Step” & “55 Reminder Templates“.[table “4” not found /]

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This Event
The Morning – covers all aspects of School Fee Recoveries so that attendees appreciate the importance of planning and learn how to apply and create processes to use in THEIR situation.
The Afternoon – is more in depth. It deals with harder issues – problem & split families, case studies, legal aspects …

Meet others in the same situation.
The seating for the day is cabaret style – 4 or 5 people to each table. During the day you’ll be moved between different groups. (IE: Never stuck with one group.) In this way, you’ll meet many people and be exposed to the many different approaches taken by different schools and individuals. We use videos, role plays, games, group and individual exercises to illustrate points and encourage this.

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Who should come?
Both sessions will benefit Principals, Business Managers and anyone involved in managing or running the Accounts Receivable process in their school or Diocese.

Michael has been involved in the management of accounts in schools and Dioceses for over 30 years. His speciality is teaching and showing people how THEY can get THEIR invoices paid far more quickly than normal using new and non-confrontational techniques. It’s all about having a customised system in place.
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