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The Benefits

Provides continuous coverage – No downtime trying to find a fully qualified person to manage accounts if an existing staff member leaves. (No Employment Agency fees either!)
Removes all “hassles” and worry about slow-paying debtors knowing that people well experienced in this area are always looking after this function 24/7.
Smooths out cashflow – Not affected by staff Sickness, Holidays, Long Service Leave or Resignations.
It’s not one-person dependant – At all times, at least two people (experienced in this sensitive area of all businesses) are assigned to every client. (Effectively providing a full Credit Department to clients at a fraction of the cost).
Less administration required – No time lost reconciling long service leave, payroll tax or superannuation requirements.
Less space needed – No Office space, desk, computer or phones required (all work is done offsite.)

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– This time-proven system ALWAYS improves cashflow. (Reduces Debtor Ledgers by at least 35% within 8 weeks.)
Reduces exposure to Bad Debts as accounts are actioned regularly.
– Disputes and account queries actioned daily (before they have the chance to escalate).
Maintains goodwill. (Debtors are never made aware that an “outside body” is involved.)
Fully transparent operation with regular weekly reports.
– Fees are 100% tax deductable.